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    Mobile application for student's learning?

    Why not just using Google?
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    Fast Bros Phone Repair - Oklahoma City & Edmond Cell Phone Repair

    I hope everything is well at your end, and the pandemic didn't affect your business. Good luck!
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    No accessories in the new iPhones?

    I've recently heard that Apple decided not to include accessories with their smartphones (and maybe tablets,) this includes headphones and even the charger! Is this true? If it is, what do you think about Appel's decision? Personally, I didn't like it :cautious:
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    Galaxy A72 will be Samsung's first Penta-camera setup smartphone

    Lol 5 cameras! Can't they just create one powerful camera or a set of 2 or 3 instead of a chaotic 5 camera setup!
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    Why have Samsung and Apple decided not to provide the mobile charger in the future?

    Hmm, their greed is becoming way beyond the expectations!
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    Who invented the mobile phone?

    I used to have a Motorola, back in the day they were helpful and well designed.
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    Tips to remove scratches from the phone screen

    What is a magic eraser!
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    How to recover deleted images or videos from Phone?

    That's a bit scary, Google saving our deleted images!
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    What are your favorite Android Apps?

    I It's really good!
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    Disadvantages of mobile phone

    These aren't the disadvantages of a mobile phone, these are the disadvantages of some peoples' way of thinking and the misuse of technology.
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    Is fast charging safe for your mobile battery life?

    I believe yeah I mean they won't spend millions of dollars developing a specific technology, only to harm the new generation of smartphones, right?
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    Avoid extreme temperature for healthy battery

    It's hard to in some places like the desert biome; I put mine sometimes in the fridge lol
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    Tips to stop a redirecting virus on Android in Google Chrome?

    Hey thanks for addressing this issue, it's really annoying to deal with. I personally delete the cache and force stop any new app, and this usually works for me. Thank you for the new technic!
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    Phone Repair St John's and Computer Repair Shop

    Welcome to the family :)
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    Android Top Emulators For PC And MAC

    Phoenix os is a good one too.
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    What is Android Emulator?

    The most famous one is Bluestack, and Phoenix os.
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    Are smartphones more secure than Laptopn or PC?

    Not really, I've seen many people getting hacked through their phones, and the same applies to PC users. It depends on the user if he/she is dwelling in a world of nasty insecure websites, the level of security sophistication he/she has won't matter.
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    Can mobile phones be hacked?

    I've never got hacked before despite that I haven't updated my android for 2 years!
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    What are your favorite Android Apps?

    I'll share one app with you, Trello is a time/plan management app, it actually has a desktop version and both are amazing. Trello has an awesome interface with a ton of features which makes managing my plans much easier. It has a premium version too but the free once is pretty decent.
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    What is the difference between Android phones and smart phones?

    Okay what about other phones? The older generations Nokia, Sony, and the rest what is there operating system? I thought that they have a separate OS each phone, am I wrong?