iphone 6s disassembly issue


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iphone 6s disassembly issue

i've taken a part a rehabbed over a dozen 6s iphones, so i think i've got a pretty good handle on the procedure.
having a little problem with my latest patient.
previous owner said there was multiple impact damage. cracked screen was a giveaway, as was it not turning on.
i removed the pentalobe screws, got my two trusty ringed suction cups and pick wedge and tried to separate the screen from the body.
it started to give way on the right side (holding it screen towards me, home button on top) so i slide the pick in further an areound the bottom (across the home button) and to the left.
what gave me concern was how it slid straight across the bottom - no blockage by the pentalobe screw tabs. but by the time i really noticed it, the pick was over to the left side.
so i pried and looked closer and rather than separate the complete screen assembly from the base, i only managed to separate the front glass from the screen frame. this separation goes from the bottom of the screen to about half-way up on each side.
if i keep separating, i'll likely run the risk of shearing some of the flex cables for the whole display. will need a new display anyway, but very worried about the home button cables.

is there a technique where i can still separate out the screen frame from the base? or am i pretty much doomed to wreck the LCD digitizer risk damaging key flex cables?